The White Mountains have long been a source of inspiration, drawing artists, poets, hikers, and explorers to its picturesque, rugged peaks. Here at Tamworth Distilling we found inspiration in this landscape we call home, and the crisp, clean, pure water preserved by the region’s granite bedrock. White Mountain Vodka is a beautiful expression of our #ScratchMade philosophy: all local grains, milled, distilled, and bottled right here in Tamworth. Its mash bill is a blend of corn, rye, and malt for a uniquely smooth, sweet flavor profile, which is proofed down after distillation with water from the Ossippee Aquifer.

Our love for Mother Earth goes beyond our spirits as well, deeply ingrained into our ethos to use the planet around us in ways that are never intrusive, and never wasteful. One of our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day is with a cocktail that reflects this ethos.

Minty Vodka Collins
1 1/2 oz lemon peel infused vodka
1 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz mint simple syrup
Top with seltzer
mint leaf garnish
leftover lemon peel garnish

Waste Conscious Directions:
1. Peel citrus and infuse vodka with citrus peels overnight
2. Juice the same citrus after it’s been peeled, save and use in the cocktail once prepared
3. Pick mint leaves from stems
4. Steep the leftover mint stems in the simple syrup to use in the cocktail, start by combining equal parts sugar and water over medium heat until dissolved and then add in mint leaves for flavor