Behind the Bar @ the Public House on Page Hill

A little blurb about you:

My name is Whitney Pray and I grew up in Madison, NH where my parents had a bed and breakfast for many years. Growing up in that environment instilled in me a love for the hospitality industry, especially combined with the beauty and magic of New England. After studying anthropology at college I fell in love with Latin America and ended up living in Colombia for 10 years where I taught ESL and owned a bakery where I experimented with bread and recreated family recipes that reminded me of home. I moved back to the valley a couple years ago and have loved getting reacquainted with my roots. It has been so much fun to work at the Pub on Page where I can reconnect with old friends, meet new people, and make delicious drinks!

What do you think is the most underused bar tool?

Not a conventional bar tool but my landlord recommended that while I was learning I should make a little Rolodex with classic and specialty cocktails and it has been such a great tool for learning and consistency. Great for those moments when you forget exactly what is in that obscure cocktail the client ordered!

Favorite cocktail?

I love a Paper Plane. That or anything with tequila.

Favorite thing to do when not behind the bar?

I love getting out in nature with my dogs Paco and Wepa. I also love trying out new bars and restaurants.

How many years have you been bartending?

I am going on about one year. Still just a baby bartender, I have a lot to learn!

Favorite place in NH to visit?

So hard to choose just one! But I love driving up through the notches and stopping at the sights along the way like Arethusa Falls, the Mount Washington Hotel, Cathedral Ledge, etc. I grew up here but the beauty of this area never gets old.

Favorite Tamworth Distilling Spirit?

Dunce is our go-to whiskey in the bar because it is a super versatile ingredient in many different cocktails. I also love the Skiklubben aquavit and playing around with its unique herbal flavor profile.

Signature Cocktail:

Wolf’s Bane

 1.5oz Siege of Wolves Rum

1.5oz Apple Cider

.25oz Cointreau

.25 oz Intense Ginger Liqueur

Splash Lemon Juice

Shake and serve up with Candied Ginger garnish


The Public House on Page Hill is Tamworth’s newest gathering spot where guest can enjoy breathtaking sunsets over craft cocktails and beers, mountain views with a bottle of hand-selected wines, meaningful times with friends & family, and live music! Their 19th century barn is now the cozy Pub on Page – with intimate dining and inspired cuisine. Chef Gregg Grant has been a pioneer of farm-to-table practices and delivers innovative, artisanal offerings that range from small plates to elegant entrees.

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