Custom Events

Group of friends saying cheers. Holiday decor.

Customize Your Event Experience with Tamworth Distilling

Looking for a unique and unforgettable event? Look no further! At Tamworth Distilling, our in-house team specializes in tailoring events to your group’s size, tastes, and budget. From custom cocktails to exclusive spirits found nowhere else, we’ll create an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Choose from a range of options for your event:

·  Indoor & Outdoor Event Rentals: Enjoy the flexibility of hosting your event indoors or outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of Tamworth, New Hampshire.

·  Private Cocktail Classes: Learn the art of mixology from our expert mixologists in a private setting.

·  Private Group Tastings: Delight in a guided tasting experience featuring our handcrafted spirits.

·  Signature Cocktail Consultations: Collaborate with our team to design a signature cocktail that perfectly represents your event.

·  Wedding Party Events: Make your special day even more memorable with customized cocktail experiences for your wedding party.

·  Corporate Events: Impress your clients or colleagues with a unique and engaging corporate event tailored to your brand.

·  Custom Cocktail Kits: Take the experience home with our custom cocktail kits, allowing you to recreate our signature drinks.

Email for scheduling and pricing. We’re excited to collaborate with you and make your event truly exceptional!