Fall is here! ‘Tis the season for all things apple — including spirits!

Hear from the expert: Jamie Oakes, Head Distiller at Tamworth Distilling

“We are happy to announce we will be releasing two apple-forward products over the next two weeks: Chocorua Cider Rye and the re-release of Tamworth Garden Pommeau. Both spirits use apple cider roughly the same way. We take a base spirit and proof it down with fresh pressed apple cider, instead of our filtered water. We then place the new concoction back into a barrel to mellow out for a period of time.”

“The fresh quality of cider will age into a stewed apple/ honeyed aroma and flavor. The cider adds natural sweetness as a key ingredient, but furthers the velvety mouthfeel. It softens some sharp edges of higher proof spirits without giving up flavor or flattening the spirit. The structure of the cider allows for much lower proof and gives way to a more approachable distilled spirit with a more session-able ABV — something between wine and typical distilled spirits.” — Jamie

Cheers to fall-friendly spirits!

Cider rye base: 2 year-old rye whiskey

Pommeau base: Apple brandy

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