The holidays are just around the corner, and the pressure to find those last-minute gifts is on. Look no further than our newest release: Tamworth Garden Damson Gin. We took inspiration from our cousins across the pond to create our version of a British Christmas classic.



Damson Gin is made by infusing tart, sweet damson plums into gin, and is the lesser-known cousin of Sloe Gin. Both damsons and sloes are commonly found growing through Britain’s iconic hedgerows. Since the 1700s, while Colonial Americans were preserving their apple crops by fermenting cider and cold-distilling applejack, commoners and farmers in Britain were harvesting sloe berries (much too tart and astringent to eat on their own) and making them consumable by soaking them in alcohol. Since both fruits are harvested in the fall, they were infused just in time for holidays, and thus, a winter tradition was born.



Fans of our Art in the Age Black Walnut Damson Cordial are already familiar with the small plum’s tart, jam flavor. This time, we’ve paired damson with juniper, bitter orange, anise hyssop, and hops to create a tartly sweet and herbaceous spirit, which sits at a low proof for perfect sipping. Damson plums are naturally sweeter than sloes, which is why sloe gins typically require added sugar for a syrupy sweetness.


Enjoy Damson Gin on its own as a pre or post-dinner sipper, or mix yourself a Damson Gin Fizz. No matter how you drink it, it’s a surefire way to get you and yours into the Christmas spirit this year!


In collaboration with our local friends from Chang Thai Cafe, our distillers crafted a spirit for true lovers of heat. Introducing for the first time, our limited-release of Emshika’s Garden Thai Chili Gin. This re-distilled gin made with juniper, thai chilis, and kaffir lime leaf packs a fresh and exotic punch.

Experience the zesty juniper shrouded by the savory-piquant aroma of thai chilis. Bright notes of kaffir lime leaf shine through the base bringing a vibrant, citrus flavor. A slight spice-finish lingers on the palate after each sip.

Bottles are Available Now exclusively at Tamworth Distilling. Be sure to visit Chang Thai Cafe where you can try this delicious spirit in their cocktails.


What’s better than a partridge in a pear tree? The gift of spirits!

Join us this holiday season as we celebrate 12 Days of Tamworth at our distillery! During this festive time, we’ll be featuring notable gifts to shop for as they’re available, including a brand new, limited-release spirit each week! Leading up to our three releases, our experts will share recommendations on tools, bitters, mixers and more to compliment the spirit of your choosing. After all, there’s more to cocktails than booze!

Impress your guests this year with a stocked home bar, tools you know how to use, and delicious cocktails. Don’t miss out on the next few weeks of our latest creations and tips from the pros. Grab a bottle before they’re gone!

Happy Holidays, Cheers!