Crab Trapper Whiskey: A Deliciously Weird, Sustainable Spirit

To create Crab Trapper Whiskey, we teamed up with the University of New Hampshire to find a use for our state’s invasive green crab population, which wreaks havoc on our coastal ecosystem. This invasive species, previously kept in check by the winter freeze, has been recently thriving due to climate change.

We wanted to do our part in protecting our local shellfish by controlling the green crab population in the only way we know how— a deliciously weird spirit. Crab Trapper has a bourbon base steeped with a crab, corn and low-country boil blend mixture.

What Does Green Crab Whiskey Taste Like?

Crab Trapper is made with a bourbon base steeped with a custom crab, corn and spice blend mixture, best likened to a Low Country Boil. The crab is present lightly on the nose, accompanied by coriander and bay to smooth out any high notes. The body carries hints of the maple and vanilla oak notes lent from the full-bodied base. The spirit finishes with heavier notes of clove, cinnamon, and allspice, leaving a light, pleasant spice on the palate.

Where to Buy Crab Trapper Whiskey

Wondering where to buy Crab Trapper? You can order a bottle here.

As seen in Food & Wine’s 2023 Drinks Innovators of the Year

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