William Whipple’s Cider Wheat Whiskey

As a testament to our distillery’s ten year journey of innovation, we’ve developed an exclusive collection of celebratory spirits curated from unique barrels that have developed remarkable character. Each Tamworth Distilling Rare Casks limited release will be one of a kind and impossible to replicate in the future.

Our inaugural Rare Casks release, WILLIAM WHIPPLE’S CIDER WHEAT WHISKEY, is a fitting tribute to the son of a maltster who became a Revolutionary commander and signer of the Declaration of Independence. It is pleasant to the taste and made with only the purest New Hampshire water.

THIS EXCELLENT CIDER WHEAT WHISKEY is the result of repeated trials and prolonged experiments, with methods traditionally used to make seasonal drams. Well-blended with cider from the pre-revolutionary Carter Hill Orchard, this spirit is tart on the nose yet sweet to taste and made with 8 apples in every bottle.

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