Tamworth Garden Tamarind Ginger Pommeau

For our Tamarind Ginger Pommeau, we extracted the finest flavors from nature’s bounty.

We utilize the leftover whole tamarind fruit and ginger root from the creation of our other spirits (Thai Twist and Ginger Vodka, respectively), ensuring nothing goes to waste. We blend these two ingredients with our Pommeau, which is a mixture of apple brandy and fresh sweet apple cider, and age it for nearly six years.

The result is a subtly tart elixir with the delightful creaminess of vanillic ginger. Expect an aroma with notes of ginger and apple, akin to a freshly baked ginger-glazed pastry. Upon first sip, a delightful sweetness complemented by a gentle ginger pep. The spirit’s lower proof ensures a velvety finish without any sharp edges, instead lingering notes of apple blossom honey and a hint of mild tartness.

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