The Old Man of the Mountain Bottled In Bond

The Old Man of the Mountain is a single edition, bottled-in-bond bourbon made from 82.4% organic yellow corn, 11% organic rye, and 6.6% malted barley. Fermented using a traditional sour mash press, the bourbon was aged for four years at 100 proof in accordance to the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 at a government appointed facility, and is the first liquid ever developed by the New Hampshire craft distillery. Old-World double pot distilling methods used in traditional Scotch and Cognac distillation were applied to maintain the new bourbon’s natural flavors during the aging process in #3 char, Kentucky-made 53-gallon barrels. Old Man of the Mountain exhibits notes of vanilla and caramel on the nose, with warmer fruitcake aromas evolving after the spirit opens up. The modest heat from the 100 proofing helps to elongate the palate and continues to open up the nose upon tasting. Old Man of the Mountain has a medium finish with notes of piquant black pepper and cherry.