Tamworth Garden Sylvan Mist Gin

Meet Tamworth Garden SYLVAN MIST, an enchanting gin atomizer that goes well beyond the glass. This consumable cocktail garnish branches between both scent and spirit as a wearable woodsy fragrance and cocktail modifier.

Birthed from two years of research of development, this high-density aromatic gin and perfume is a world first and is presented in a 100 ml glass bottle with an atomizer spray pump and gorgeous gold hardware.

Perfume has been around since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. The pursuit of perfume is what led to the invention of the distillation process by the Persians, which in turn opened the door to the creation of spirits. This fascinating history is what intrigued the Tamworth Distilling team to making an edible perfume, which was no easy feat! There were several challenges in making a gin that is a food-grade perfume. The ingredients were sourced as all-natural, essential oils infused in a very high proof alcohol to achieve the very high flavor density of a perfume gin. This is a true perfume, made the way perfumes are made with traditional ingredients such Boronia flower, one of the priciest fragrance materials in the world, and described as reminiscent of raspberry, apricot, violet, and yellow freesia.

The flavor profile boasts sunny boreal forest, fresh cut grass, violets, kiwi skin, and honeydew melon. The assembly of boronia flower and violet leaf establish the base structure of a classic perfume. While more masculine fractions of balsam fir and citrus rind contribute weight and
ground the base notes. Chamomile flowers round out the brightness, offering mellow soft, top notes. The “Sylvan” name is a nod to the Latin word, sylva, meaning “wood” or “forest” and the related Sylvanus is the name of the Roman god of the woods and fields—a deity sometimes
identified with the Greek god Pan. These words gave rise to English sylvan in the 16th century.

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