Tamworth Garden Summer Solstice Peach Gin

We’re pleased to unveil our latest addition to the Garden: Tamworth Garden Summer Solstice Peach Gin—a vibrant celebration in a bottle. Crafted with a burst of juniper, peach puree, and an array of hand-picked botanicals, it’s a limited-edition sensation distilled to perfection. With floral notes of peach, carrot top, and a hint of graham cracker, it’s the taste of sun-drenched days and balmy nights.

After bottling our solstice-inspired gin, the distillers drop clippings of sweet woodruff, a plant found right in Tamworth Distilling’s backyard, directly into the liquid. When picked, sweet woodruff has no smell, but when added to the gin, it brings about aromas of peach, vanilla, and cinnamon – reminiscent of a freshly baked summer peach pie.

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