Tamworth Garden Raspberry Lime Basil Cordial

Our Tamworth Garden Raspberry Lime Cordial is made with locally sourced New Hampshire raspberries, continuing our expansion into versatile cordials inspired by the variety of flavors that grow around our distillery.

We first press and infuse the raspberries with our very own Neutral Grain Spirit to balance the sweet and sour appeal of the fruit, creating a base of undeniable smoothness. The mixture is then combined with lime zest and basil for a gentle flowery scent with clove overtones.

This newly-crafted blend is another delectable spirit honoring the fruits of our beloved state. It can be enjoyed on its own, in a cocktail of your choice, or in a variety of gourmet variations, such as poured atop ice cream.

Sacred Basil Fizz

1½ oz Tamworth Ginger Vodka
1 oz Tamworth Garden Raspberry Lime Basil Cordial
¾ oz Lime Juice
1 Sugar Cube
4 Basil Leaves
Top with Seltzer

Gently muddle the sugar cube with the basil leaves in the bottom of a tall glass. Add crushed ice & the other ingredients & stir for about 30 seconds. Fill the rest of the way with ice and top with seltzer. Garnish with lime wheel, raspberry & a basil sprig.

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