Tamworth Garden Mountain Berry Cordial

The summer berry production in New Hampshire is a small but joyous window in mid-summer. The ripening of these small fruits is received with huge appreciation from the forest critters. Red raspberry, aptly named Honeyberry, and the Aronia berry are among the bunch of sought-after gems. These low hanging berries are a burst of flavor; the Aronia berry, or chokeberry, is known for its astringency, which aids in providing a tartness to the otherwise syrupy trifecta. These berries are hand selected by Great Northern Berries of neighboring North Sandwich, NH. Grown in the soils and runoff of the Sandwich Mountain Range, and harvested at peak time for immediate use in our spirit.

Beginning with our house made Neutral Spirit, a fruitier spin on our Neutral Grain Spirit, we distill our New Hampshire apple brandy together with our NGS recipe, then add to a white oak barrel for finishing and mellowing. This resting period will coax out creamy wood lactones and vanilla notes, which is then infused with red raspberries, honeyberries and chokeberries to capture the dense flavor and vibrant color of the ingredients.

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