Tamworth Garden Lilith Apple Brandy

Give in to temptation and try our Tamworth Garden Lilith Apple Brandy. The liquid begins with a base of fermented apple twice distilled and laid to rest in Whipple barrels for 66 months, intensifying the flavor. Inspired by all the same seedlings of Lilith herself, this spirit possesses a seductive essence of rich, velvety dark chocolate with a ‘Eau De Vie’ like finish that will leave you utterly entranced by its flavorful awakening. Indulge with caution, for every sip will leave you lusting for more.

With raven hair and an ardent free will, Lilith is contentiously believed to be the first of Adam’s wives. Having been derived from the same soil, she saw herself equal to him—refusing to be treated as anything less. A storm of resentment brewed within Lilith each time Adam dismissed their sameness, until his demands became too much and she fled the Garden, exiling herself to the Red Sea. Despite God’s attempts to entice her back to heaven, Lilith embraced her newfound freedom. Upon hearing whispers of Adam’s new companion, a woman of gentle obedience and beauty born from his own rib, Lilith returned to the Garden disguised as a serpent to tempt Eve with the taste of the forbidden fruit.

Was Lilith fueled by the devilish revenge of a woman scorned, or did she simply wish to save Eve from her fate, to shed her ignorance and join her beyond the boundaries of Eden? An apple of good or evil?


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