Skiklubben Aquavit

Our take on the traditional Scandinavian spirit, as seen in the New York Times.

The Nansen Ski Club was founded in 1872 by a group of Nordic settlers, and has since become a ski institution — in fact, it is the oldest operating ski club in the country. A non-profit organization, it maintains cross-country ski trails in the area as well as its famous ski jump, which was recently restored to its former glory after being decommissioned in 1988.

This interesting piece of New Hampshire heritage inspired the creation of Skiklubben Aquavit, a traditional Scandinavian spirit flavored with spices and herbs. The result is a delightfully warming dram, usually sipped neat or taken as a shot. Aquavit is a large part of Scandinavian drinking culture, consumed at celebrations and as an aperitif before dinners. Often, it is drunk as a finale to a drinking song called a snapsvisa, with a toast of “Skål!”.

Traditionally, Aquavit’s main spice is caraway. Tamworth’s version includes a ginger twist for a floral piquant along with cardamom, star anise, and pink peppercorn. The flavorful shot is a perfect winter sipper, and can also be used as a seasonal twist on classic cocktails like a Manhattan or a Swedish Mule. To achieve this, a base of barrel aged ginger and bitter orange distillates are carefully blended to support the bold flavors of caraway. Baking spice top notes accent this sweet, woody base to create a surprisingly unique mixing tool. Locally foraged black walnuts provide a nutty subtlety and good structure to the liquid, while a touch of Chocorua Rye whiskey adds hearty complexity. These fulfill a rich tapestry for the showcase spices of this classic spirit.

The Chinook

1 part Skiklubben Aquavit
2 parts San Pellegrino Chinotto soda
Grapefruit wedge garnish

Shake together and pour over ice. Garnish with seasonal citrus, and enjoy!

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