Old Hampshire Bottled In Bond

As an homage to Tamworth history and the rebirth of integrity in aged spirits in the United States, Tamworth Distilling set out to mature apple brandy, a regionally historic spirit, under the careful guidelines of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. This act was initiated to reform distillers during the 1800’s from using unscrupulous tactics of falsifying quality of rye whiskey, bourbon and apple brandy by offering an industry standard.

Under the act – “Bottled In Bond,” the criteria deems that the liquid must be from one distiller, in one distilling season, and matured in oak barrels under U.S. government supervision for at least 4 years, and left at no lower than 50% ABV. This level of transparency and traceability still proves to this day to be upheld by few.

To undergo this task, we employed simple and flavorful distillation techniques to ensure the barrels were packed with flavor for the 4 year journey. Apples were sourced from Carter Hill Apple Orchard, one of the oldest active orchards in the United States. The result is a caramel-colored spirit that begins with a custard richness on the nose and a full bodied nature, with hints of stewed apples and tobacco smoke.

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