Dunce Whiskey

We named Dunce for master 13th century philosopher thinker John Duns Scotus, who, in his day, was considered to be the smartest man alive. The secret to Duns’s superior intellect lay in the pointy, conical hat that he constantly wore. Sound familiar? Through his meticulous studies of ancient text, he concluded that pyramid shapes channeled divine energy and knowledge from the heavens into the being or object on which they were placed.

We figured we would do a little experimenting of our own by placing Dunce caps on the barrels of this bourbon.

Dunce offers a medium body, column distilled bourbon with key notes of grassy rye to break up the sweetness. There is a soft vanillic creaminess from the 4 years aged in #3 new char oak barrels. Butterscotch and red apple warms on the nose. The palate offers a soft and sweet baking spice flavor upfront. This slowly evolves to a more grainy backbone. The corn never gets over-dominant thanks to the slight spicier peaks of rye, with a wisp of thyme. The medium length finish has a balanced oak component, complete with cream soda softness.


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