Corpse Flower Durian Brandy

Death or delicacy? Let your senses decide.

While many flowers are known for their sweet, ethereal scents, a few of the rarer flora rely on the strength of funkier pheromones to meet their match. Take the Corpse Flower, for instance, a rare beauty that comes out to play but once every few decades. Despite its devilishly delicious scent of decay, the Corpse Flower draws crowds wherever it may be found, anxiously waiting to see how this curious scent delights or defies their senses.

Tamworth Distilling explores the fine line between funky and floral, decay and bouquet with House of Tamworth Corpse Flower – embodying a curious blend of attraction and repulsion that makes up some of the world’s most famous aphrodisiacs. In isolating and highlighting each natural pheromone, Tamworth Distilling creates a complex and utterly unique drinking experience you won’t find anywhere else. Opening the bottle to that completely unique scent, sippers will find themselves enjoying a sweet & sophisticated spirit that is nothing short of alluring.

There’s no need to wait decades to experience the allure. Uncork the bottle and let the Corpse Flower bloom, right on your tongue.


The aroma of Corpse Flower carries warm candy apple notes up front, followed by the beguiling scent of decomposing jasmine blossoms and ripe cantaloupe. Funky fungus and decaying forest floor aromas waft from the glass, alternating with a tropical smell between pineapple and banana. The texture is lush and creamy, with a gentle bite of spirit. The flavor is slightly sweet and musky, layered delicately with the fruitiness of the apple and a note of overripe mango, as well as a pungent kick reminiscent of truffles and stinky cheese.

Featured in Wine Enthusiast’s The New Wave of Weird, Wild American Brandy.

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