Chocorua Three Sisters

Chocorua Three Sisters is a 90-proof, super limited release, part of our Tamworth Distilling Rare Casks series.

To craft this spirit, our Master Distiller Jamie Oakes blended together three of our most prized 7-year single barrel Chocorua Rye Whiskey releases—VSOP Apple Brandy Cask Rested, French Oak Wine Cask Rested, and Liberty Trail—yielding a result that’s syrupy, rich, and filled with an aroma of berry and vanilla. Experience subtle fruit notes atop a graham cracker base reminiscent of a berry-filled cheesecake, leading to a lasting finish of old oak wood and leather akin to unburnt cavendish tobacco. 

The name, Three Sisters, draws its inspiration from a trio of small peaks located to the north of Mt. Chocorua’s summit, intersecting the Piper Trail. These peaks, known as the First, Middle, and Third Sisters, serve as a fitting analogy for our three-barrel blend release—for few will be able to experience the views of these summits, but those who do, will be rewarded greatly.


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