AITA Apple Crisp

Maple season is a special time of year in New Hampshire. As the state starts to thaw, the circulatory systems of trees kick back into high gear. Cold nights and warmer days are the perfect ebb and flow of Sugar Maple trees. Another bit of wood sugar magic that begins to take shape is barrel aging. This is particularly true with apple brandy which was pressed, fermented, distilled and barreled as the autumn’s cold removes leaves from the area trees.

These two very local ingredients go together famously: Maple and Apple. For our Art in the Age Apple Crisp, we take maple syrup from the Tamworth land, and combine it with our 100% New Hampshire apple brandy. The result is a lower proof sipper, with deep flavors reminiscent of warm mulled cider and an aroma of rich dark grade syrup and a sugarshack. It is safe to say, this is a classic Tamworth treat for any season.

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