House of Tamworth Saison De Frai

In a mission to bottle and preserve the essence of New Hampshire’s Swift River, Saison de Frai is a newly-released brandy infused with smoked trout, that deliciously embraces an environmentally conscious ethos.

Further expanding our House of Tamworth line of unique innovation, this spirit is crafted by combining our aged apple brandy with an ember-kissed trout distillate. Trout roe is added as a final touch, preserved in the apple brandy, creating an experience similar to boba tea. With one sip, your taste buds will reel in notes of sweet maple, apple, and an aromatic finish of trout.

For every purchase of Saison de Frai $1 will go directly towards Trout Unlimited and their pursuit to safeguard our nation’s cold-water fisheries and protect their watersheds from environmental threats.

Cheers to our best catch yet, bringing flavor to both current and future generations of anglers!

Where to Buy