Chocorua French Oak Wine Cask

Introducing Chocorua French Oak Wine Cask, a remarkable whiskey crafted with meticulous care. This 100% rye mash bill (same as the original Chocorua Rye) combines 52.4% raw rye and 47.6% malted rye, all from the same harvest year at the same Maine farm.

After spending just under two years in a 59 gallon Orion French Oak barrel that previously held red wine, it entered a new char #3 American oak barrel for a full six years.

The result? The subtle fruit of our traditional 2 year Chocorua is amplified with the introduction of red wine maturation. Cherry turnover with baked on caramelized sugar.

Upon first sip, spiced coffee cake and tobacco coat the palate. With a nice viscosity, the mid-palate stays nice and sweet with molasses and stone fruit leather. The finish gracefully transitions to a drier rye profile, with lingering spice notes of cinnamon and pepper.

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