Where to Drink: Chocorua Rye Whiskey

Aged 2 years and distilled from a single crop of local rye, Chocorua is one of Tamworth Distilling’s most exclusive spirits to date. Of course our favorite way to enjoy whiskey is straight, but there’s always room for a delicious cocktail.

Here are 9 places you can enjoy Chocorua Rye in New Hampshire:

The Birch on Elm

 “Fire and Lightning”

Chocorua Rye, Campari, sweet vermouth, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, cardamom bitters, angostura bitters, orange oil

7th Settlement

“Jim Liberty Respite”

Chocorua Rye, Flag Hill Sugar Maple Liqueur, bitters, and a Luxardo cherry.

The Corner House Inn

“The Old Fashion Hiker”

Chocorua Rye, muddles fruit, splash of soda, bitters and simple syrup

Bad Lab Brewing Co.

Indigo Hill – Belgian Dark Strong Ale & Chocorua Rye Whiskey pairing

You can also enjoy Chocorua Rye in your favorite whiskey cocktails at these locations: