The Bee’s Squeeze: A Sustainable Summer Spirit

Tamworth Distilling and Flatbread Company share a commitment to our White Mountain community, serving up quality food and spirits with a focus on sustainability.  When they decided to collaborate on a spirit, these like-minded entities found a way to turn waste into something delicious.  Tamworth used the abundance of squeezed lemons produced by Flatbread Company’s fresh-squeezed lemonade to infuse a vodka created exclusively for their guests’ enjoyment.

The Bee’s Squeeze starts with Tamworth Distilling’s scratch made neutral grain spirit.  The neutral grain spirit is made entirely from New England sourced grains and hand milled on site.  It is cold infused with the spent Lemons from Flatbread Company’s fresh-squeezed lemonade, blended with elderflower distillate and sweetened with local honey.  It is about as close to perfection as you can get.

Available only at these local Flatbread Company locations: