Chicory Root Available Statewide in NH

The Art in the Age vodka infusions are by far some of the most complex spirits created at Tamworth Distilling. The spirit’s base is made in-house with pristine New Hampshire water and hand-milled organic grains. The flavors are born from native ingredients that are either foraged by our distillers or sourced from local farms.

With exceptional ingredients all around us, the flavor possibilities are endless. Incapsulating them in a spirit however, is much more difficult than filling a basket with dandelion greens.

Many of our offerings are seasonal, and with that brings limitations. The Infusions are made in limited quantities based on whatever the seasons bring. As we continue to experiment, we’ll find that some of the infusions are so precious that they may never be reproduced again, and others will be better understood and produced on a larger scale.

In this case specifically, we’ve harnessed the means to produce larger amounts of Art in the Age Chicory Root. Though production is still limited, we’re excited to announce that Chicory Root is now being distributed through New Hampshire State Liquor Stores.

Our Chicory Root Vodka earned gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, so it will sell out fast. We suggest using this locator ( to ensure your local shop has it in stock.