Freshly picked: Tamworth Garden Flora Gin


The end of summer marks the last blooms for New England wildflowers. It was time to capture the essence of these late summer flavors in a floral forward gin.

While juniper berries help ground the top notes to an evergreen base note, the other botanicals take center stage.  Usual gin supporters, such as coriander and angelica, are mingled with the lighter aromatics of geranium, lemon verbena and labdanum. All is balanced with a slight amount of raw honey.

The nose is bright and crisp, with an aroma of wildflower honey and hints of fresh grapefruit. On the palette, the roundness of juniper berries, coriander and angelica finish cleanly and familiar. Clover, elderflower and geranium spread to the olfactory, offering a departure from more common gins.

Starting with a smooth neutral grain spirit allows for easy sipping alone or with just an ice cube. The introduction of water or tonic releases more of the alcohol-bound essential oils of the flowers, making it a great gin to enjoy in all of the classics.


You can find Tamworth Garden Flora Gin at our distillery or at the following New York locations:

Prospect Wine Shop

Shawn Fine Wines & Spirit

Wine Stop

La Vid Wines & Spirits