Make Your Spirits Even Brighter

There’s a perfect gift for everyone on your list at Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile. Shop our bottles, bitters, and bar tools for unique gifts that make spirits even brighter.

Find a perfect gift within our guides, or build an eclectic gift set on your own!

For the Old Soul – The perfect gift for the Old Fashioned cocktail enthusiast

  • Tamworth Garden Eau De Vie – A sweet unaged brandy made solely from Cortland & McIntosh apples. Enjoy it in place of whiskey and brandy in your favorite classic cocktails.
  • Tamworth Distilling Monogram Rocks Glass – The perfect vessel for slow sipping cocktails.
  • Urban Moonshine Orange Bitters – A two in one bitter and citrus potion, great for when you don’t have fresh citrus on hand.
  • Jack Rudy ROOT Cocktail Cherries – These cherries infused with Art in the Age ROOT add a happy ending to every cocktail.

For the Gardener – Fresh picked gifts for the green thumb on your list

  • Tamworth Garden Apiary Gin – A unique gin that pays homage to our local bees, infused with poplar buds, clover, and local raw honey.
  • The Drunk Botanist by Amy Stewart – A New York Time’s Bestseller about the plants that create our favorite drinks.
  • Local Honey – A sweet taste of New Hampshire. Try sweetening your cocktails with honey, instead of simple syrup!
  • Creamore Mill Gardening Tools – Successfully begin every garden with Creamore Mill’s quality plant dibber, garden line, & pot press.

For the Adventurer – Cocktail gifts inspired by the great outdoors

  • White Mountain Vodka – A smooth mild vodka with a subtle corn sweetness.
  • Dram Pine Syrup –  Deliciously unusual, this cocktail syrup is made form foraged pine, organic sugar, and a medley of herbs & spices.
  • Tamworth Distilling Monogram Whiskey Disks – Why add water to whiskey if it’s already wet? Keep your drinks cold without dilution.
  • Art in the Age Enamel Mug – From the campfire to your fireplace, this enamel mug will be your next favorite to cozy up with.

For the Creator – For creatives who like to do it themselves

  • The Good Reverend’s Universal Spirit – Our 150 proof neutral grain spirit that drinks as a high quality, high proof vodka, or acts as the magic ingredient to creating cordials, infusions, tinctures, and extractions.
  • Organic Dried Herbs – Our Distillery is stocked with a library of dried herbs to bring all of your ideas to life. Fill up a few bags to inspire new flavor profiles, or try our pre-packaged solutions that are tried and true.
  • Infuse by Eric Prum & Josh Williams – A recipe book filled with fresh and flavorful oil, spirit, and water infusions.
  • Stainless Steel Infusion Tools – Create your own recipes with ease using our strainers, muddlers, filters, and funnels.