Distilling Apiary Gin

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunshine.” – Thoreau

The story of Tamworth began with the story of hard work in a hard land, the relationship between the people and the soil. Our Apiary Gin celebrates the efforts of the most industrious workers around us: our local bees. Distilled with juniper berries, hand-foraged Poplar buds, Red Clover flower, and of course, 100% New England raw honey, Apiary Gin’s forest pine flavors are mellowed by the delicious fruits of our little buzzing friends labor. Another reason why we work with the land, not against it.

Visit our distillery for a tasting or stir up an Apiary Lemonade to enjoy at home.

2 parts Apiary Gin

4 parts fresh lemonade

Pour gin and lemonade over ice, stir, and garnish with fresh lemon & rosemary sprig.