A decade ago, we started the Art in the Age brand, borrowing its name from Walter Benjamin’s canonical 1935 essay. What started as a store in Philadelphia, soon became a line of spirits produced by Tamworth Distilling in what we call the Art in the Age Test Kitchen — exploring new and historic recipes and a variety of local, natural flavors. In that same spirit, we welcome you to the Art in the Age Café.

The Art in the Age Café is a continuation in our exploration of flavor and scratch made provisions. We’ve applied Benjamin’s ethos to our menu – from our scratch made Distiller’s Bread from Sunnyfield bakery, to our locally sourced coffee partnership with Frontside Roasters, everything is artfully and thoughtfully made. The café has become a de facto town center, a place where both Tamworth residents and visitors come together over not just food and drink, but ideas and music and culture. So come in for a coffee, snack, or light bite and make yourself at home – we’re happy you’re here.


As this situation continues to evolve, we have decided in the interest of everyone’s safety to discontinue all food & beverage service at Art in the Age Café. This closure is effective immediately, and will continue indefinitely until we can be sure that both our customers and staff can safely return to normal operations.

Tamworth Distilling will remain open for retail sales, tastings, and curbside pickup. However, we will not be offering any tours at this time.

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Stay safe & thank you for your support,

The Art in the Age and Tamworth Distilling Teams

85 Main Street, Tamworth, N.H. 03886

Phone: 603-323-5120