Camp Robber Whiskey

The mischievous North American Grey Jay goes by many names; also known as a “Camp Robber” or “Whiskeyjack”, from the Algonquin WISAKADJAK. Its propensity for petty campsite thievery was the inspiration for this spirit, as the whiskey base was “stolen” from still-aging barrels. Camp Robber whiskeyjack lets fans get an early taste of Tamworth’s first aged product. The “stolen” whiskey — 16-month old bourbon made from organic corn and rye — serves as the base, which is then combined with apple brandy and fresh apple cider. The result drinks like both a whiskey and an American applejack, with sweetness from the bourbon, acidity from the cider, and a spicy backbone from the rye supporting the light, floral brandy.

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