The history of spirits in Philadelphia is the history of making the best with what’s around. Tamworth Distilling lives by those same do-it-yourself principles, crafting unique spirits with ingredients found in the untouched nature surrounding us. Please enjoy this guide to enjoying the best Tamworth cocktails in Philadelphia. Consider them a toast to our mutual […]

From quaint pubs in Conway to elegant dining in Portsmouth, here are five of our favorite places to enjoy White Mountain Vodka in New Hampshire.   Flatbread Company (North Conway) – Mountain Mule : White Mountain Vodka, ginger beer, lime Earth Eagle Brewings – Mountain Mary: White Mountain Vodka,  tomato juice, lime, lemon, celery Black Trumpet – Specialty […]

The Art in the Age vodka infusions are by far some of the most complex spirits created at Tamworth Distilling. The spirit’s base is made in-house with pristine New Hampshire water and hand-milled organic grains. The flavors are born from native ingredients that are either foraged by our distillers or sourced from local farms. With exceptional ingredients all around us, […]

Spring flowers are an eternal reminder that all things have beginnings. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of flowers because that’s where you began. Tamworth Garden Gin is better than a bouquet, it’s a garden in a glass. Visit us at Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile to shop our exclusive Mother’s Day picks listed below, or order Tamworth […]

Water is one of the most effectual ingredients in distillation. Like grain and yeast, water lends its specific flavors and qualities to all spirits as they are created. Some spirits, like whiskey, are less affected by these nuances. The barrel aging process can account for up to 60 percent of the whiskey’s final character. Vodka […]

There’s a deep satisfaction in knowing that you’re part of a very long tradition and at Sunnyfield Brick Oven Bakery, they’re making bread the way it’s been done since the beginning. You’ll find Sunnyfield Brick Oven Bakery tucked along Chinook Trail, just 10 minutes away from Tamworth Distilling. Before entering the bakery you’ll notice neatly stacked cords of […]