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Enter to win an all-inclusive reservation at our Tamworth Distilling Outdoor Ski Lounge for you and up to 5 friends! Enjoy spirit flights, lite bites, and White Mountain Lemonade swag bags for all. Up for the challenge? Here’s how to win.

  1. Take a photo of yourself with a can of White Mountain Lemonade enduring the most New Hampshire winter activity possible. Think chair lifts, ice fishing, bob houses, shoveling, and skiing — the list goes on! We heard a can made it up Tuckerman’s Ravine 😉

  2. Post your photo via Instagram and be sure to tag @Tamworth_Distilling and include #WhiteMountainLemonade & #HowNHAreYou!

We will announce 3 winners total on the following dates: 2/12, 2/26, & 3/19.

Good Luck & Live Free or Die!

For locations of “Where to buy” visit White Mountain Lemonade

Must be 21+ to participate.



All Father’s Day weekend long we will be toasting Dad with Whiskey Trivia, Prizes, Cocktail Packages, and Delicious Food & Flight Pairings.

Celebrate your Old Man with a bottle of Old Man of the Mountain Bourbon!

6/19 – 6/21

Retail Hours: Fri-Sun 12-5pm

Tasting Hours: Fri-Sun 1-4pm

15 Cleveland Hill Rd. Tamworth, N.H. 03886 603-323-7196



From now through Father’s Day weekend, with any purchase of a Tamworth Distilling Whiskey we will include the following for only $20:

Tamworth Distilling Branded Rocks Glass

Tamworth Distilling Branded Whiskey Disk

Father’s Day Card

This is the perfect gift to toast Dad! So, raise a glass to your Old Man and grab yours while supplies last.




Dear Friends of Tamworth Distilling,

We have been thinking and reflecting on this historic global movement, and what we as a small business can do to continue the forward momentum.

At Tamworth Distilling we have always made spirits with the finest scratch-made ingredients, many of which come from small family farms. From now through the entire year, all purchases from our distillery will include a donation to the National Black Farmers Association.

The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is a non-profit organization representing African American farmers and their families in the United States. As an association, it serves tens of thousands of members nationwide. NBFA’s education and advocacy efforts have been focused on civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education and agricultural training, and rural economic development for black and other small farmers.

We encourage you to learn more about this incredible organization and their outreach efforts, technical assistance, and nationwide advocacy to help socially disadvantaged and limited resource farmers.

-Tamworth Distilling

Come in from the cold with a grown-up riff on everyone’s favorite snowday sipper, the classic hot cocoa:

Cocoa Loco
1.5 oz Old Man of the Mountain Bourbon
.5 oz Art in the Age Sierra Fig Cordial
2 dashes Dashfire Bitters Mole Bitters
4 oz hot cocoa

Add all ingredients to your favorite mug. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon

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The White Mountains have long been a source of inspiration, drawing artists, poets, hikers, and explorers to its picturesque, rugged peaks. Here at Tamworth Distilling we found inspiration in this landscape we call home, and the crisp, clean, pure water preserved by the region’s granite bedrock. White Mountain Vodka is a beautiful expression of our #ScratchMade philosophy: all local grains, milled, distilled, and bottled right here in Tamworth. Its mash bill is a blend of corn, rye, and malt for a uniquely smooth, sweet flavor profile, which is proofed down after distillation with water from the Ossippee Aquifer.

Our love for Mother Earth goes beyond our spirits as well, deeply ingrained into our ethos to use the planet around us in ways that are never intrusive, and never wasteful. One of our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day is with a cocktail that reflects this ethos.

Minty Vodka Collins
1 1/2 oz lemon peel infused vodka
1 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz mint simple syrup
Top with seltzer
mint leaf garnish
leftover lemon peel garnish

Waste Conscious Directions:
1. Peel citrus and infuse vodka with citrus peels overnight
2. Juice the same citrus after it’s been peeled, save and use in the cocktail once prepared
3. Pick mint leaves from stems
4. Steep the leftover mint stems in the simple syrup to use in the cocktail, start by combining equal parts sugar and water over medium heat until dissolved and then add in mint leaves for flavor

Modeled after the French aperitif “vin de noix”, Tamworth Distilling’s Black Jupiter adds fermented cider and blueberries to the traditional combination of black walnut and warm spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon for a juicy wine-like sipper. But we didn’t stop there – to finish off the liquid, we partnered with our good friends at Ball Square Fine Wines in Boston. After sourcing bourbon barrels from Taconic in update New York, Ball Square passed along the barrel to Tamworth Distilling where we to rested the liquid for an added depth of flavor.

The result? A tannic aperitif characterized by spicy green walnuts. Low and deep vanilla notes with a slightly perfumed floral quality become the backbone to the liquid’s dry cider fruitiness and the crisply fermented apple cider supplies a lasting freshness. To balance out the tannic walnut we sweetened and spiced the liquid with clove, cardamom, and cinnamon to fortify the nutty piquancy.

Stop by our tasting room this weekend only for a sample of our favorite Black Jupiter cocktails.


Jupiter & Cola
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, cola, Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters, fresh cherry garnish

Thunderbolt Cold Brew
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, half and half, cold brew coffee,grated cinnamon, cinnamon stick garnish

Black Manhattan
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, Chocorua Rye Whiskey, aromatic bitters, rhubarb bitters, strawberry garnish

Following the global acclaim of our beaver castoreum-infused whiskey, Eau de Musc, we’re excited announce our next incredible experiment in the “House of Tamworth” line: Lait de Romalea. Our 90-proof bourbon whiskey is infused with the foam (or milk) excreted as a defense mechanism from the Easter Lubber grasshopper. The result is a surprisingly delightful bourbon with a unique floral, rosy, and fruity nose and plum, berry, and subtle tobacco notes on the palate.

Lait de Romalea is the result of our continued experimentation with unusual flavor sources. In this case, it’s the brown, Skoal-like exudate of the Eastern Lubber grasshopper. The romalea exudate is extracted through a process similar to how snakes are milked for anti-venom, where tactile stimulation of the abdomen with the thumb and forefinger elicits the secretion discharge.

“Working at the chemical level, we found that this malodorous stuff is composed of a type of molecule that is a precursor to the ones that give roses (and bourbon) their deep, enriching scent. To unlock this pleasant quality, the grasshopper foam is first milked, then fermented with wilted tea leaves, whose enzymes prep the smelly substance for an acidic distillation that completes the chemical rearrangement.”

“The final product is the desirable aroma molecule, beta-damascenone. The result is infused in our bourbon to create a super charged aromatic note,” explains our lead distiller and resident chemist, Matt Power.

After the exudate is extracted and fermented with black tea leaves, the liquid is refluxed in acidic ethanol to instill the final chemical rearrangements prior to infusion. At this point, the dehydrated extraction is infused into our signature bourbon and is ready for consumption.

Get ready, this springtime spirit hits our shelves early next week!



Art in the Age Ginger Quince Cordial


Available March 7th, 2019 only at Tamworth Distilling and Art in the Age

while supplies last.


Not quite a pear. Not quite an apple. The quince is a fruit that has fallen into obscurity, though its beginnings were auspicious. It was given as gifts to brides in Greece, traded in China, prized by Tudors in England — some speculate it was not the apple but the quince that was the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. Part of its decline in popularity has to do with the effort required to unlock its potential, as the quince is too tough and bitter to eat raw. However, its incredible fragrant aroma offers a hint to why the fruit was prized for centuries.


For Art in the Age’s Ginger Quince Cordial, we gathered all of the fruit we could find in New Hampshire: about 10 bushels. Once ripe, the fruit was pressed, and the rich, rosy nectar was combined with a brandy-like spirit distilled from the reserved skin and pomace. This allowed the finished product to retain as many of the delicious fragrant compounds (called carotenoids) as possible. Finally, to balance the zesty quince, we added ginger for notes of wood and spice. The finished product is slightly sweet and delicate, with a fruity, floral aroma on the nose and a distinct quince flavor that lingers on the palate. Try it in a simple ginger beer cocktail like a mule, or with white spirits like gin or vodka and some citrus.


Quince Cocktails


Left to right:


Dark & Quincey

1 oz AITA Ginger Quince Cordial
1 oz Aged rum
Top with ginger beer
Lime wedge garnish

Combine all ingredients except for beer in a collins glass over ice. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Ginger Prince

1 oz AITA Ginger Quince Cordial
1 oz Irish whiskey
3/4 oz Carrot juice
1/2 oz Cara Cara orange juice
Parsley garnish

Combine all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with parsley.


The Taproot

1 oz AITA Ginger Quince Cordial
1/2 oz Rye whiskey
3/4 oz Apple cider
1/2 oz Lemon juice
India pale ale
Ginger slice garnish

Combine all ingredients except for beer in a collins glass. Top with beer. Garnish with ginger.




Supplies are limited – enjoy our latest small-batched, scratch made spirit before we’re out!