Available Now: Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif

Modeled after the French aperitif “vin de noix”, Tamworth Distilling’s Black Jupiter adds fermented cider and blueberries to the traditional combination of black walnut and warm spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon for a juicy wine-like sipper. But we didn’t stop there – to finish off the liquid, we partnered with our good friends at Ball Square Fine Wines in Boston. After sourcing bourbon barrels from Taconic in update New York, Ball Square passed along the barrel to Tamworth Distilling where we to rested the liquid for an added depth of flavor.

The result? A tannic aperitif characterized by spicy green walnuts. Low and deep vanilla notes with a slightly perfumed floral quality become the backbone to the liquid’s dry cider fruitiness and the crisply fermented apple cider supplies a lasting freshness. To balance out the tannic walnut we sweetened and spiced the liquid with clove, cardamom, and cinnamon to fortify the nutty piquancy.

Stop by our tasting room this weekend only for a sample of our favorite Black Jupiter cocktails.


Jupiter & Cola
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, cola, Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters, fresh cherry garnish

Thunderbolt Cold Brew
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, half and half, cold brew coffee,grated cinnamon, cinnamon stick garnish

Black Manhattan
Black Jupiter Walnut Aperitif, Chocorua Rye Whiskey, aromatic bitters, rhubarb bitters, strawberry garnish