The Bottled In Bond act of 1897 was spearheaded by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr and Secretary of Treasury John Carlisle. It was signed into effect by President Grover Cleveland as one of his last enduring effects of his 2 (separate) term presidential career, retiring on March 4th 1897. After years in New Jersey, he found summer retreat in his second home in Tamworth, New Hampshire. In fact, the Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile site is one of the first addresses of the start of Cleveland Hill Road, which leads to the president’s second home.

As an homage to connect the history of Tamworth and the rebirth of integrity in aged spirits in the United States, Tamworth Distilling set out to mature apple brandy (another regionally historic spirit) under the careful guidelines of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 which was initiated to reform 1800’s distillers from using unscrupulous tactics of falsifying quality of rye whiskey, bourbon and apple brandy by offering an industry standard.

Under the act – “Bottled In Bond” criteria deems that liquid must be from one distiller, in one distilling season, and matured in oak barrels under U.S. government supervision for at least 4 years and left at no lower than 50% ABV. This level of transparency and traceability still proves to this day to be upheld by few.

To undergo this task, we employed simple and flavorful distillation techniques to ensure the barrels were packed with flavor for the 4 year journey. Apples were sourced from Carter Hill Apple Orchard, one of the oldest active orchards in the United States. The result is a caramel colored spirit that begins with a custard richness on the nose and a full bodied nature with hints of rosy stewed apples and tobacco smoke.

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We’re starting off the holiday early this year at Tamworth Distilling and Lyceum. Join us this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for special tastings, sales and promotions. Sample our spirits, grab lunch and check off some gifts on your list!


Thanksgiving Eve Wine Tasting

November 21st | 1-3 PM

Join us at The Lyceum for a pre-holiday wine tasting this Wednesday, where we’ll be sampling a variety of red & white wines from CRUSH distributors.


Black Friday Sale

November 23rd | All Day

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Small Business Saturday

November 24th | All Day

Free tasting with the purchase of Barnstormer’s Punch!

This ready-to-drink bottled cocktail is inspired in part by the prohibition era in which the Barnstormers were founded, the punch is not unlike something those early Barnstormers might have mixed up at Tamworth with a bit of illicit hooch. Also enjoy a tasting of our Barnstormers Sangria at The Lyceum from 12 – 5 pm.

$5 off any T-Shirt with the purchase of Chocorua Cider Rye!

Tamworth’s newest iteration of seasonal whiskey continues to draw inspiration from the man, the mountain, and the legend of Chocorua. This 2 year old rye whiskey is commingled with fresh pressed New Hampshire apple cider and rested in rye barrels, resulting in a truly decadent spirit.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Tamworth Team!

The seventh annual Aquavit Week, the week-long celebration of the signature spirit of the Nordics, returns for 2018 from November 4 to 10th. Aquavit Week is devoted to celebrating the wonderful diversity of aquavit, its pairing possibilities with food, beer, and cider, and its exciting potential in cocktails. Learn more about Aquavit Week here!

Aquavit background

The Nansen Ski Club was founded in 1872 by a group of Nordic settlers, and has since become a ski institution — in fact, it is the oldest operating ski club in the country. A non-profit organization, it maintains cross-country ski trails in the area as well as its famous ski jump, which was recently restored to its former glory after being decommissioned in 1988. This interesting piece of New Hampshire heritage inspired the creation of Skiklubben Aquavit, a traditional Scandanavian spirit flavored with spices and herbs. The result is a delightfully warming dram, usually sipped neat or taken as a shot. Aquavit is a large part of Scandanavian drinking culture, consumed at celebrations and as an aperitif before dinners. Often, it is drunk as a finale to a drinking song called a snapsvisa, with a toast of “Skål!”.

Traditionally, aquavit’s main spice is caraway. Tamworth’s version includes a ginger twist for a floral piquant along with cardamom, star anise, and pink peppercorn. The flavorful shot is a perfect winter sipper, and can also be used as a seasonal twist on classic cocktails like a Manhattan or a Swedish Mule. The baking spices combine with the malty sweetness of root vegetables to create a surprisingly unique mixing tool. The whiskey base (a blend of bourbon, barley and wheat whiskey) also adds complexity, serving as a rich background for the balanced spice of the other ingredients.